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The Season is Coming to an End

As the 2013 Rodeo Season comes to and end here in the North East….Congrats to JB Mauney for finally winning the PBR World Championship this past Sunday, JB dominated almost every bull in the PBR and the PRCA that he drew this year…..and it has been a few years that an American has claimed the PBR Title so again Congrats to the new 2013 PBR World Champ JB Mauney…..
We also want to say Congrats to Carlos Garcia for winning the 2013 Bull Blast Series this year, Carlos fell behind in the first round of the series during the Howard County Fair Bull Blast by one point in the 2 head cow kickin contest August 5th while Devon Weaver claimed the title and the Buckle at the Howard County Fair leaving Carlos behind by 1 point…..But Carlos came back firing on all cylinders and rode all 4 bulls Sept 28-29 at the Howard County Farm Heritage Days Festival and Bull Blast Championship, Carlos walked away with a new GIST Buckle from Carols Western Wear and a brand new Henry Lever Action 45-70 Rifle from 2nd Generation Firearms…….
As the season winds down we await the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays with our Families and Friends and the time to reflect on our love of Family, God and Country and give thanks for the high cost of the freedoms that we enjoy and take for granted as we partake in the great American Cowboy Dream…RODEO!!! and don’t forget the coming IBR Finals in March and then the start of the 2014 Rodeo and Bullriding season…..Good Luck in 2014

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