Becoming a Sponsor ensures you and your business will receive great exposure during all Rockin R events. Are you interested in what we can do for you and your company?

Event Sponsors

  • Your Company Logo’s on all Print Ad Material (poster’s, Fliers, Tickets, etc.)
  • Depending on the Sponsor Package selected: highly Visible Signage. (Chute Gate Sign’s & Banners)
  • Sponsor a segment of each production example (1st section bulls, barrel racing, mutton bustin etc.)
  • Unlimited PA announcements during the Events
  • On site Vendor Space during the Event

Rockin R Western Productions Sponsors

  • Company Logo’s on our Website’s that will be linked to your home page when clicked on.
  • Company Logo’s listed on all Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
  • Company Logo’s on the Shirts of all Rockin R Arena Personnel during each performance.
  • Company Logo on Announcer’s Shirt for all Rockin R Events and Events we Announce.
  • Company Logo on the Grand Entry Flag during all event’s opening ceremonies
  • Company Logo on Print Ad Material when available (Posters, Fliers, Tickets etc.)
  • Each Month we will highlight a different Sponsor on our Websites (Video, Print etc.)
  • Company Logo’s placed on the Rockin R Western Production’s Trailer (3 logo’s)
  • Company Logo placed on the Rockin R Flatbed Parade Trailer (Vinyl Apron)
  • 1 Company Banner at each Rockin R Event…..
  • On site Availability for special functions at your Place of Business (private & public functions)
  • On site Availability for all Marketing & Media opportunities (special appearances)
  • We can customize special Sponsor Packages to fit your company needs and desires
To Apply please Contact us at